Queens castles terms and conditions

The hirers responsibility-

Children must be supervised at all time when using any of Queens Castles equipment, under school aged children should use equipment separately to older children.

Ensuring  behaviour of all  persons, any age, are using the equipment correctly and not exceeding its capacity.

Failure to observe the given limit at any time, will result with the hirer liable for associated repair costs.

It is the hirers responsibility for the supervision of the equipment and its safety from damage.

Equipment will be used for its proper use only, as stated on the agreement.

The following Items are not permitted on the bouncy castle-

No shoes, spectacles, keys and keyrings,  metal studded clothing, or any other sharps  or similar materials that could cause damage to the equipment.

No food or drink is to be taken on any equipment

No confetti, glitter, silly string, balloons , party popper or similar items to be in contact with the equipment as this could result in stains and discolouration to the materials. The hirer will be liable for compensation for the damage

NO PETS ARE PERMITTED ON ANY EQUIPMENT! The hirer will be liable for any repair cost or replacement of materials if damage has been cause be any form of animal or pet.

Upon delivery it is the hirer responsibility to have inspected the equipment and bring any concerns on the condition of the equipment, to our team before the event starts. 

Hire period is from delivery of equipment until time agreed for collection. Any obstruction by hirer or their guests resulting in a unnecessary delay, will incur a charge of £35 per hour or part of. This also applies where ball pit balls are not bagged ready for collection.

The hirer is responsible to check the space and surface required for the product they are hiring, this includes both indoor and outdoor bookings.  Please ensure you have booked the correct venue for the product. Please check each products size and surface type, Upon delivery, if we are unable to set up due to size or incorrect surface types, the hirer will be charged in full. We will not be held responsible for the equipment not fitting. If you are unsure on these sizes, please give one of our friendly team a call.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE is excluded in its entirety following any claim or injury to any third party or employee whether directly or indirectly related to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Queens castles excludes any liability for injury, loss or damage caused to any persons using the equipment contrary to the terms and conditions given.

All our bouncy castles come with a shower proof cover, these are suitable for light rain, however if the rain is persistent or heavy, we do advise the equipment is vacated until the rain stops and is wiped down with a towel before use again.

Bouncy castle information-

Childs Castles - suitable to up to 14 years of age

Size-                 Capacity 

12x12ft castle       8 children

12x18ft Slide         8 children


A £10 non refundable deposit will be taken to secure your booking.

24 hours or less notice will still require payment in full.

Deposits/ payments will only be refunded if heavy rain fall or high winds are expected.

Queens castles Will offer a full refund or a change in booking date if we have to cancel for any reason.

Maximum speeds for our inflatables are over 24mph. This is the maximum wind speed in which any inflatable, no matter how many anchor points it has, can be used.




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